Concept camera Apollon sees it from everyone’s point of view

apollonSelf-titled scientific designer and partner of the Dutch design collective Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken Gordon Tiemstra has created a concept camera called the Apollon that makes Lytro look clunky and the iPhone unsocial.

The idea behind Apollon is to capture and create images using separate devices. The series of photographs, taken from different perspectives, are then combined to make subtle animations.

“Its strength lies in its feature of physically combining your Apollon camera with friends’ Apollon cameras,” Tiemstra explains. “[Combine] the photos taken with your friends’ cameras [that are wirelessly transferred to your], resulting in having a series of photos of the same event but all from slightly different perspective[s].” The camera itself is almost egg-shaped and controlled via a remote shutter.

Apollon concept camera

The moving GIF has been a friend to the Internet for awhile, and new applications are making them easier and quicker to create. The Apollon would be an arguably higher quality way to do this. It’s definitely reminiscent of Lytro with it’s nontraditional aesthetic and reliance on software to fully appreciate its potential. Apollon could be seen as a novelty rather than a true digital imaging solution, but camera-makers more and more are thinking outside the box and trying to market more creative solutions to capture the attention of iPhone and photo app addicts out there. 

All that said, the fact that it’s merely a concept means there are no specs by which to judge it. 

Check out the demo video below.