Control your DSLR’s shutter remotely from an Android device with this free app

Wireless remotes are handy accessories for controlling a DSLR camera’s shutter, but if you own an Android smartphone or tablet with an infrared (IR) sensor, you could save yourself $20-$30 by using a free app called ShutterBOT (h/t PetaPixel).

While not every Android device is equipped with IR, many of the world’s most popular models are. These include Samsung’s Galaxy S4, S5, Note 3, Tab 3, and Tab 4; HTC’s One; and LG’s G3, which are compatible with ShutterBOT. On the camera side, the developer says the app supports major DSLRs from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Sony, as well as older models from Fujifilm and Minolta. Like a standalone remote, ShutterBOT controls instant shutter, two-second delay (in select models), and voice trigger (in-app purchase; they have to make money somewhere). On ShutterBOT’s Google Play page, the developer says the app replaces the Canon RC-1, RC-5, RC-6; Nikon ML-L3; and Olympus RM-1 remotes.

The app has a relatively average high score of 4.4 stars, with most users giving it 5 stars. Reviewers comment that it works well with Sony’s A77, Nikon’s D7000, Pentax’s K5 and MX-1, and Canon’s 5D Mark II cameras.

So if you happen to own one of these mobile devices and you shoot with a DSLR, give the app a try. It looks particularly useful if you also own multiple DSLRs from different brands.

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