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Create awesome 360-degree videos on your DSLR, GoPro with the Eye Mirror accessory

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The GP360 version of the Eye MIrror, designed for GoPro.
The GP360 version of the Eye MIrror, designed for GoPro.

Another week, another 360-degree camera, and another Kickstarter project: The Eye Mirror is a device that can help shoot spherical panoramas. However, unlike the cameras we’ve talked about in recent weeks, the Eye Mirror is cool in that it’s an add-on accessory that attaches to a standard DSLR, GoPro, video camcorder, or point-and-shoot, and it records 360-degree videos. Yes, a moving POV image that you can pan around, as if you’re there. 

How it works is that the Eye Mirror lens attaches to the front of a DSLR or camcorder lens, which reflects back a 360-degree sphere. For GoPros, there’s a special housing you put the camera into, and compact cameras require an adapter. For GoPro Hero Black and Black+, there’s a firmware modification that lets you shoot 3,040 x 3,040 resolution at 22 frames per second. eye-mirror-4While you can use it with different cameras, it seems that Eye Mirror’s creators see it being used more for action shots with the GoPro; it’s even capable for shooting underwater with a special underwater housing. There’s no processing required, and you can view videos on your Mac or PC, and iOS, or Android devices. Interestingly, there will also be support for viewing with the Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset. With the device on, you can use the head-tracking technology to view a video shot with the Eye Mirror, giving you that immersive experience. We should note that the Oculus Rift may not be ready until 2014

The Eye Mirror is seeking funding on Kickstarter. It’s a U.K. campaign, and it has already reached its £14,000 goal. To get one, you’ll need to pledge £120 for a GoPro version, which is about $195; other versions are available at higher pledges. Estimated delivery is March 2014.

(Via Imaging Resource)

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