Create your own photo filters with MIX for Android

Photo filtering apps for mobile devices are immensely popular these days – think of apps like Instagram, VSCO Cam, or Camera360. While many of these apps provide not only multitudes of effect filters but also general editing tools such as brightness adjustment, cropping etc., most don’t allow the user to create their own filter presets.

This is where a new app called ‘MIX’ comes in, created by the same developer team that is responsible for the popular photo app ‘Camera 360.’ MIX is not so much a photography app, but rather a filtering app that makes it possible not only to apply pre-defined filter effects to photos, but also to create customized filters.

Besides more than 200 filter and effect presets, the app comes with a comprehensive set of editing tools, including selective color adjustment, level enhancement, a vignette filter, a tilt shift effect filter, color and white balance adjustment as well as highlight adjustment. In addition, MIX offers a depht-of-field tool that allows the creation of DSLR-like out-of-focus blurring effects.

All effects available in MIX are added in layers and are applied non-destructively, so that the original image is not altered and can always be recovered. Once the desired effect has been achieved, the combined editing steps can be saved as a “formula” for later use. User created filters that find the liking of the MIX developer team may even get featured in both MIX and Camera360.

According to its developers, MIX is the “perfect companion to Instagram,” because it allows you to create new effects beyond what Instagram offers. Currently available only for Android devices, its developers are already working on an iOS version of the app. MIX for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

More information about MIX is available on the app’s website.

(Via TechCrunch)