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Look what spectacularly photobombed this video of a building demolition

The ultimate photobomb of the Norfolk Court demolition in Glasgow, thankyou First Bus
So you hear through the grapevine that a locally famous apartment block is going to be destroyed by a demolition team and you decide you want to capture what should be a dramatic event, as well as a bit of local history.

After weeks of waiting, the day finally arrives and you go along with your camera and tripod to look for the ideal spot to set up your kit.

With the building perfectly framed, the long-awaited countdown begins. As your heart starts to race a little, you hit the record button on your camera, eagerly anticipating the moment when the building is finally reduced to a pile of rubble. Everything’s looking good as the countdown nears zero. And then, at the crucial moment, the very second the explosives detonate and the building starts to crumble, a bus, a bus, spectacularly photobombs your carefully prepared effort.

bus photobomb
Garry Cornes
Garry Cornes

The unlucky cameraman was Garry Cornes, who’d been hoping to record a piece of local history – the removal from the Glasgow skyline of a 40-year-old apartment block. Instead all he got was a bus and, after it drove off, a rolling plume of mucky gray dust.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for Cornes, though the bus passengers will surely have been delighted with their driver for providing a fabulous view of the building coming down.

Able to see the funny side, Cornes uploaded the video to YouTube, adding the title, “The ultimate photobomb of the Norfolk Court Demolition in Glasgow, thank you First Bus.”

The takeaway? If you’re planning on capturing a one-off event with your camera, perhaps make sure a busy road doesn’t run between you and it. Or you could end up with a half-decent shot of a bus.

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