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Watch what can happen when you let a dog shoot your wedding video

Wedding by Tucker
Four-legged friends have popped up at weddings as ring bearers and flower girls — but wedding videographer may be a new gig as far as canines are concerned. Newly married couple Megan and Seth Stulgis recently mounted a GoPro on their dog and had him take video of their big day.

The video follows the exploits of Tucker — who appears to be a Golden Retriever or similar breed — as he greets wedding guests, walks down the aisle, cruises past the dance floor, and explores some bushes. The video, shared by the video’s editor, John Johnson, on Monday on Vimeo, reimagines the popular action camera as a way to shoot a wedding from a rather unique point of view.

The dog appears to at least be very good at getting shots of all of the guests — in the video, Tucker seems to happily greet the guests for a few pats on the head, capturing that “aww” reaction that most people have at the sight of a friendly canine.

The video may not be the steadiest video shot as Tucker likes to flop his ears, but the bride and groom’s idea for some unique wedding shots is certainly, at the very least, entertaining to watch.

Wedding videographers won’t have to worry much about Tucker’s low and shaky perspective taking away business —Tucker did even capture a shot of the actual wedding photographer at work — but animal-shot videos seem to be growing in popularity based on their charm.

A Twin Cities high school student in Minnesota garnered some attention when she used a dog-mounted camera to shoot other four-legged friends without the distraction of a human in the mix. Animal “selfies” captured when critters steal cameras have a tendency of going viral. And of course, there’s the infamous monkey selfie that caused a lawsuit, with PETA saying critters should be able to own a copyright.

Either way, Tucker deserves a treat and a few “Good boys” for his rather entertaining work at his owners’ wedding.

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