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Dolphin snatches iPad away from SeaWorld visitor taking a photo with it

Dolphins are among the most intelligent mammals on the planet. And, just like many humans, it appears not all dolphins enjoy having their photo taken — especially with an iPad.

Earlier this week, a woman visiting SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida, got quite the surprise while she was trying to take a photo of a dolphin.

As seen in footage captured by Kuadiel Gomez, the woman was standing over the dolphin exhibit taking photos of the majestic creatures with her iPad when the aquatic mammal snatched it out of her hands and dragged the iPad, case and all, into the water.

The woman frantically attempted to get the iPad back and eventually succeeded. But not before it had been completely submerged in the briny solution.

It’s unknown at this time who the woman is, or whether her iPad survived. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from past experiences, though, it’s that salt water and electronics do not work well together, even after thorough drying.

We’re also left in the dark as to why the dolphin grabbed the iPad. A handful of YouTube commenters have questioned whether or not the pink color of the iPad case was mistaken for a fresh piece of fish by the dolphin. But, as pointed out by DigitalRev, dolphins are colorblind, so the color of the case isn’t a likely culprit.

For all we know, the dolphin might’ve been looking to catch the level 1200 Gyarados at the bottom of his pool. Until we can get an interview with the clever cetacean, all we have are guesses.

If there’s one thing you can take away from this, it’s the following: Don’t get too close to animal exhibits with your prized electronic device — especially if it involves water. Not only could you harm the animals if something were to go wrong, but as this woman learned, your gadget could very well become a piece of junk.

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