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Drift’s Compass camera will record your entire life if you let it

drift compass lifelogging camera wearing 2
In this social world we are increasingly posting more and more online for our friends and loved ones to see. It has given rise to the concept of lifelogging cameras, or small cameras that you wear that are designed to capture your daily life automatically. A new entry into the market comes today as Drift announced its new Compass camera, a product that it says is valuable in a variety of situations beyond simple lifelogging.

The camera is tiny — not much bigger than an Apple Watch screen — weighs just 1 ounce, shoots 1080p HD video, and includes live-streaming capabilities. Among its most ingenious features, from our point of view, is its touch-to-record capability. This allows you to simply tap the camera to initiate a special recording. This is perfect for capturing a moment quickly while it is happening, rather than fussing with a phone and trying to find a tiny button on the camera itself. The Compass is also capable of up to 50 hours of time-lapse recording on one charge — pretty impressive.

Among the other uses that Drift suggests is for attending events, such as a concert, where you are better served to be enjoying the moment and not fussing with your phone to record a clip here and there. The compass would allow you to set it, get into the show, and record all without having to worry about it, allowing you to enjoy the show as well as capture moments to remember later. Drift also mentions the Compass as a possible security camera of sorts for Uber or Lyft drivers thanks to its small size, allowing it to be easily mounted in ideal positions within the vehicle.

Coming in at $129, the Compass looks to be an affordable option for those who are looking to get into the lifelogging world. The Compass is now available for purchase over on the Drift website.

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