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When stock meets social: EyeEm will now license select images with Adobe Stock

EyeEm’s hybrid social and stock photography app just expanded its reach with a new partnership with Adobe. EyeEm users offering their images up for sale can now also license the photographs through Adobe Stock’s Premium Collection.

The EyeEm app uses artificial intelligence to automatically add keywords and captions to photos, allowing photographers to easily license their photographs. The software will also give each photo an atheistic rating, ranking each image on a number of different factors. That same AI basis allows EyeEm to curate collections tailored to a company’s style, making the process of finding the right image easier as well.

Photos from the app’s users can now be part of the Premium Collection within Adobe Stock. Since the collection is hand-curated, users will be notified if one of their shots was chosen to become part of the group.

While a relative newcomer to the stock photo scene, Adobe Stock has an edge because the images can be accessed directly from Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and InDesign, streamlining the image selection process. For Creative Cloud users, the partnership means more stock photos to choose from, while EyeEm users can benefit from an even larger audience to sell photographs to.

“Our global EyeEm community creates unique images from all cultures and corners of the world,” said EyeEm co-founder and CEO Florian Meissner. “These two creative communities coming together gives out photographers the opportunity to make revenue from Adobe’s customers and creative community in need of high-end authentic content.”

Adobe Stock’s Premium Collection, which launched in June, has over 100,000 images hand curated from the 55 million images included in the stock image database, which is where Creative Cloud users can now find EyeEm user photos up for sale.

Hillary K. Grigonis
Hillary never planned on becoming a photographer—and then she was handed a camera at her first writing job and she's been…
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