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Could this selfie toaster be the next best thing since sliced bread?

face toast breakfast selfie toaster 2
In everybody’s life there are those days when we don’t want to get out of bed, when our hair is a total mess, and when we just generally can’t stand to look at ourselves. And then there are those days when we think we’re the most beautiful person that’s ever lived. On either of these days, don’t you sometimes wish you could eat your own face for breakfast? (Metaphorically speaking, of course – we do not condone self-cannibalism.)

Well, now you can, thanks to an ingenious (or absurd) new toaster that greets you each morning with your own portrait burned onto a piece of toast. How that works? Send your photo in to the manufacturer, give them a little time to custom-make your own, personal selfie toaster, and voilà – enjoy your freshly toasted face each morning.

Alternatively, if you don’t admire (or despise) your own face enough to warrant having it burned onto a piece of toast each morning, you can also have someone else’s face turned into a delicious slice of breakfast bread. Your husband/wife/kid/dog’s face, maybe? Or that of your favorite singer/actor/politician? And if you don’t want to eat anyone’s face for breakfast, the Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation also sells toasters that burn Jesus onto your toast (sorry, that does not count as a “sighting”), a personalized note, or your company’s logo, for example.

The selfie toaster is available in five different colors for $75, with free shipping within the U.S. For more on this, check out the manufacturer’s website.

(Via Pocket-lint)

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