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Attention, earthlings: Enjoy an astronaut’s view of Earth with this 360 video

Earthlings can now get an immersive view of what their planet looks like to extraterrestrials — err, astronauts anyways. Earlier this week, a Russian cosmonaut shared the first 360 view of earth from inside the International Space Station (ISS).

The 4K immersive video was shot from what’s called the Cupola, a spot for getting the best space views from seven bay windows. Andrey Borisenko, the cosmonaut behind the camera, said that the area is where those on board the space station like to spend their free time — and it’s easy to see why.

The video opens with a stunning scene that’s repeated throughout the new series of space station tours — the sunrise and even what appears to be the Northern Lights, as well as cities outlined in lights from a 360 camera that appears to be mounted on the exterior of the space station.

The opening glimpse is followed by a tour of the Cupola, so see how the astronauts take in the sights — a bit more obstructed than the view from the front of the station. Borisenko shows the full view from the Cupola, including views of the earth as well as windows showing some of the ISS.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel Russia Today, (RT) as part of its Space in 360 project. RT says that the video is the first 360 shot of earth from aboard the International Space Station. The video is a result of a partnership with the Russian news agency, Roscosmos, SP Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia.

The video is the second in the series, after a November 17 opening video sharing the project — including that same stunning opening shot of the sunrise, followed by a look inside one of rooms inside the International Space Station. That first video also shows how astronauts apparently store their cameras — secured to the walls so they don’t float away.

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