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Flickr app for iOS 9 adds 3D Touch, Spotlight search for faster navigation

Flickr is adding support for 3D Touch in the Flickr app for iOS 9. Users of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus can now press and hold on the screen to bring up new functions.

With 3D Touch, Flickr is making it easier to navigate through photos. In the Flickr camera roll, pressing a photo brings up a preview. You can then move your finger around other photos to quickly preview them. A harder press takes you to the photo.

You can also activate Quick Actions from the Flickr app icon. Pressing it brings a menu for uploading a photo, going to your feed or notifications, or making a search.

Flickr’s iOS 9 app now works with Spotlight search. You can find albums, groups, or recently viewed photos through iOS 9’s search function, without opening the Flickr app.

Finally, there’s support for universal links. When you send or receive a Flickr URL, it will direct you to the Flickr app, instead of opening in Safari. Flickr says this provides a better viewing experience.

The app is available now for download or update via the iTunes App Store.

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