Flickr offers 3 free months of its Pro service, attempts to snag disgruntled Instagram users

flickr pro free giftThe folks at Flickr are hoping to sweep up a few Instagram users upset by the recent terms of service ‘misunderstanding’ where proposed policy changes set to be rolled out in January appeared to suggest the photo-sharing site would be given the right to sell users’ photos and allow companies to use them in ads.

Touting it as a “holiday gift”, Flickr is offering photographers three months free use of its Pro service.

Normally costing $24.95 a year, or $6.95 for three months, the Pro service offers unlimited uploads (limited to 300MB a month for free account holders), unlimited viewing of your entire Flickr library (limited to the most recent 200 images for free users), and the ability to post photos to as many as 60 groups (10 groups with a free account).

Whereas a free account allows two video uploads a month, the Pro account offers unlimited uploads (90 seconds max, 500MB per video). Also, a Pro account helpfully archives all of your original high-resolution images whereas for free users only smaller, resized pictures are accessible.

Existing pro users will be given three months free use of the service, while existing users of the basic service and new sign-ups can receive the Pro holiday gift without having to provide any billing information.

If you’re interested in trying out Flickr Pro for three months, head over here to sign up before January 4.

Now that Instagram appears to have calmed the situation regarding its terms of service problems, Flickr is unlikely to pick up as many new users as it would have had the issue spiraled out of control, though no doubt it’ll still bag some extra Pro members as 2013 gets under way.

Talking of terms of service, Flickr offers up some small print of its own regarding how it defines “unlimited”, which, as you might expect, isn’t quite as unlimited as you might think….

“Note: To avoid abuse of our unlimited storage, we do monitor accounts for excessive usage. Yahoo! limits the number and size of photos allowed from an account within a given timeframe. While our goal is to ensure that everyone benefits from unlimited storage, Flickr is not intended to be used as a content distribution network.”