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This formation of a supercell is so stunning, only Mother Nature or CGI could produce it

formation supercell stunning mother nature cgi produce basehunters wyoming thunderstorm
What looks like a computer-generated image actually occurred over Wyoming on May 18, 2014. This supercell thunderstorm (and its formation) was captured by a group of storm chasers. (Image via Basehunters)

A group of storm chasers from Oklahoma, called Basehunters, has captured the formation of a supercell thunderstorm that is so incredible, you’d think that some Hollywood CGI was involved.

No, what Basehunters caught on film was a natural occurrence over Wright-Newcastle, Wyoming, on May 18, 2014. The crew recorded the storm as it took shape, changing from a sea of dark clouds into a giant spiral. According to the National Weather Service, supercell storms generate nearly all the major tornadoes and large hailstones in the United States. Indeed, the potential for danger was so real, you can see the storm chasers jumping into their cars and heading to safety, while maintaining the storm’s tracking. 

What were probably hours of footage was condensed into a two-minute time-lapse video. Watch the complete formation and dispersion of this supercell, and it’ll leave you in awe and fear.

To find out what storm chasers go through, check out our profile of photographer Jim Reed.

(Via NPR; images and video via Basehunters)

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