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Look Ma, no softbox! Fotodiox unveils largest LED yet in portable FlapJack line

fotodiox flapjack studio xl
The bigger the light, the softer the shadows and accessory company Fotodiox Pro has now launched its largest light yet. This week during the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International conference in Las Vegas, Fotodiox announced the Flapjack LED Edgelights  Studio XL and 1.5×1.5.

The Studio XL is a 30 inch round LED light. According to the company, it’s the largest, softest light the company has produced yet. The pancake light is only a centimeter thick, yet offers manual control, as well as options to adjust the color temperature.

The light can use an AC adapter for plugged-in power, or operate wirelessly with two V-lock battery plates. The light is rated up to 1980 lumens and the fanless LED means that the light also operates silently. At the back, a small screen and LED indicators display the settings.

Along with the large 30-inch light, Fotodiox also launched a 1.5×1.5 foot square LED light, also boasting a thin design. Like the XL, the square LED has manual adjustment and color temperature control, but the 1.5-inch also includes integrated barn doors. The light weighs about thirteen pounds and works with both a power outlet or 14.8V Sony V-mount batteries. The 80 watt light adjusts from 3,200k to 5,600k and dims down to 10 percent of full power.

Both FlapJack lights already bounce the light, with LEDs on the edge pointing into a diffusion panel, which means the studio lights do not need softboxes. Unlike a traditional LED, the lights are mounted on the edges of the frame, directed into towards a diffusion panel. The effect is a soft light without hot spots, Fotodiox says. The light is also easier on the eyes, making it ideal for portrait work.

The lights join a dozen other FlapJack lights in the line-up. Both new lights are available now, with the XL listing for $1,100 and the 1.5×1.5 for $650.

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