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This novel, crowd-sourced action cam edits your video for you

Action cams aren’t hard to find, but a funded Indiegogo project will soon start shipping cameras with a unique feature — they’ll edit the footage for you.

Frodo, an action camera with a design that channels a smartwatch, uses an algorithm to edit and shorten long video sequences for easier sharing inside the iOS and Android apps. Five edit modes let the user choose what’s most important while the software does the rest. Genius is a basic auto edit, while People detects faces, and the 15-second mode creates Instagram-worthy videos.

But where Frodo’s software really has the potential to shine is in the Action and Calm editing modes. Using an algorithm, the software analyzes the video to find the most movement. In the Action mode, the program will compile the scenes with the most motion into the shorter montage, while calm will do the opposite. If the program works the way the developers say it does, that has some pretty big potential for turning a few hours of footage into a highlight reel that captures the biggest jumps, tricks, and moves.

According to the developers, the app can even learn your style and over time improve the editing capabilities to better fit your tastes. The app could also feature Facebook Live Streaming if the $75,000 stretch goal is reached.

While the automated editing appears to have some big potential, the Frodo camera itself has an unusual strap design that allows the camera to be worn around a wrist, handlebars, helmets or a number of other options. A hinge allows the camera to swing away from the strap for more control over the shooting angle.

The camera captures 1080p HD video at 30fps and eight-megapixel stills using a wide 120-degree lens. Six-axis motion sensors help reduce camera shake. The battery lasts only about an hour and a half, but optional battery packs can extend that to up to five hours. The Frodo is available with 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage.

With the Indiegogo campaign already exceeding its goal, co-developer Rahul Vats of Mumbai India, expects the devices to start shipping in November. Through the Indiegogo campaign, a 32GB Frodo with the strap and extended battery is selling for $239 — and there are only a few left before the campaign sells out. With the numbers Frodo has been posting so far, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find this novel action cam readily available after the campaign.

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