FStop is a Tinder-like app for photographers and models

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Gannon Burgett

When looking for professional models to photograph, your options are limited. You can either reach out to model groups on social networking sites or use a dedicated network such as Model Meyhem, designed specifically for this process.

The problem with the former is it’s sometimes difficult to get into the groups, especially when they’re location-specific and invite-only. The issue with the latter is that it’s an extremely convoluted experience and almost entirely overrun by NSFW photographers and models — not the best option unless you’re looking to get into nude or boudoir photography.

Enter FStop, a new application that takes inspiration from Tinder to help photographers and models connect with one another to mutually benefit each other’s portfolio.


To get started, simply create a login and accompanying password. Once logged in, you can add in a profile bio, a collection of your photography work, your location, a website, a link to your Instagram profile, a daily rate, and even confirm your identity using FStop’s integrated verification system.

Once all of your information has been added, you can then start to search for models on the service. Much like Tinder, you can view each model’s profile and choose whether or not you want to work with them by selecting either the “♡” or “X” icon. If you “swipe right” and the model does as well, you’ll get connected with one another and can use the integrated messaging service to further discuss ideas for potential photoshoots.

One of the more convenient features is the integrated payment system, which lets both photographers and models compensate one another for their work. Powered by online payment system Stripe, it’s a simple and secure platform for making sure each party is compensated.

When it comes down to it, FStop doesn’t offer anything more than what other similar services do. The difference is it brings the elements together in a much simpler interface that helps keep the focus on getting photoshoots scheduled.

In addition to photographers and models, FStop also has account options for makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, and retouchers.

FStop is available to the public, but as its founder Mick B. notes, it’s still in its infancy and has lots of bugs to fix and issues to correct. If you want take it for a spin, head on over to the FStop website and create an account.