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Fujifilm’s new mobile printer makes square prints right from your phone

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-3 printer
Designed for crafting, gifts, or simply preserving your memories the classic way — on a fridge — Fujifilm has announced the new Instax Share SP-3 SQ mobile printer. Compatible with the same Instax Square format film used in the SQ10 instant camera, the SP-3 SQ printer allows smartphone photographers to turn their digital images into classic square prints with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Instagram is largely responsible for popularizing the square format in mobile photography, although the aspect ratio is a holdover from the days of film. While the photo sharing app has since gone on to allow for a variety of aspect ratios, square remains the default. Particularly for Instagram users, the SP-3 SQ printer represents an opportunity to bring their photos into the physical world without altering the original framing and composition.

With an updated Instax Share app that’s smarter and more creative, the SP-3 SQ combines the best in analog style with modern digital tech. Users can access their Instagram accounts straight from within the app, and a new “Hashtag Print” feature makes it easy to quickly print all photos from a specific hashtag; it’s perfect for weddings, music concerts, and other events. In addition to Instagram, the app is compatible with Dropbox, Google Photos, and Facebook.

What’s more, the Instax Share app includes several new print features. The “Collage Template” option lets users print up to nine photos on one exposure in a 3 × 3 grid. Users can also do the opposite of this with a “Split Template,” which splits a single image across multiple prints for creating large collages. Additionally, text overlays can be added to the print and the app includes 11 different templates that mimic magazine covers, CD jackets (talk about retro!), and more.

When traveling, users can take advantage of the new “Real Time Template” that prints the date, place, weather, temperature, and humidity on the frame so you can remember more about your trip.

The SP-3 SQ is available in either black or white and is meant to be easily carried anywhere. According to Fujifilm, one print takes about 13 seconds and the printer can handle 160 prints on a single battery charge. The mobile printer is slated to be available in November for a price of $200. Instax Square film is sold separately and can be found for about $14 for a 10-exposure box.

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