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Fujifilm announces X-Pro 1 pricing: $1,700 for the body alone

x pro 1Fujifilm announced its X-Pro 1 at CES, its new interchangeable lens camera that follows in the same retro vein as its popular X100 and X10.

While we were given a thorough introduction to the camera in all its hybrid viewfinder glory, pricing and release dates were still a little iffy. Today, Fujifilm has announced that the latest addition to its X-series will cost $1,700 (body only) and be available at the end of February.

Fujifilm also launched three new lenses to accompany the X-Pro 1: An 18mm F/2.0 lens, a 35mm F/1.4, and a 60mm F/2.4. The 60mm lens will cost $650, and the other two are $600 each.

So you’re looking at $2,000+ camera if you want to grab some glass. It’s spendy, but not entirely surprising given how much the rest of the X-series cost at launch – and it could very well mean the X100 and X10 are nearing price drops. Check out our X-Pro 1 photo gallery to remind yourself why it might deserves so much of your hard-earned cash. 

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