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Fujifilm is bringing some major X-T2 and X-Pro2 firmware updates

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Daven Mathies/Digital Trends
Fujifilm has long been known for its X series and culture of constant improvement — which it calls Kaizen — that the firm has developed over the years. In keeping with that tradition, Fujifilm has announced its latest round of firmware updates to their top flagship cameras, the X-Pro2 and X-T2, which combined will see some 33 features improvements and upgrades across the two cameras.

The improvements will come over the course of two firmware updates that Fujifilm will release later this year, with one coming later this month and the other some time in May. The first of the updates, X-T2 Firmware Version 2.00 and X-Pro2 Version 3.00, is due out within the next week or so and will feature the majority of the upgrades to the two cameras.

Among those major improvements and upgrades, a few notable ones include the addition of the advanced AF-C customization feature to the X-Pro2 (until now this has been an X-T2 feature only), which will allow for X-Pro2 owners to better customize their AF tracking to fit the subject they are shooting, with the end result being (in theory) faster and more accurate subject tracking in action situations.

As for the X-T2, one of the notable improvements includes the ability to have a live histogram viewable while recording live video. This has been a long-requested feature for video shooters who have been looking to use the X-T2’s excellent 4K video recording in a more professional setting.

Both cameras will also gain the ability to add photographer copyright information into the camera, which will be automatically saved to the EXIF information of images shot with the camera. This will save photographers from having to add such information during post production.

These are just a few of the features and upgrades that Fujifilm is bringing to its flagship cameras. You can check out the full listing of firmware improvements via the official Fujifilm announcement post here.

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