Fujifilm ICL camera, the X-Pro1, outed before CES

xpro1In addition to unwittingly leaking the Canon G1X, Wells Fargo’s advisor notes (screenshot via PetaPixel) also inadvertently revealed the Fujifilm X-Pro1.

Fujifilm has already announced a few of its new cameras that we will get a chance to go hands-on with at CES, but a compact ICL system release was noticeably absent from the additions. The camera maker has long been rumored to be working on filling this void, and we’ve already seen leaked images of the thing.

Now we’re inching that much closer to a confirmation. A press release detailing the X-Pro1 has leaked, giving us a better idea of what to look forward to next week. “Fujifilm said it will build on the success of the X100 model, by adding a camera that features a custom-developed 16-megapixel APS-CMOS sensor incorporating a new filter array and the company’s proprietary EXR processor technology.”

According to the leaked memo, it will also feature a second-gen iteration of the hybrid viewfinder that made the X100 such a novelty. It will also use Fujifilm’s X-mount, and three prime lenses will be launched at the same time.

It’s rumored to cost somewhere around $1,600 – which is, remarkably, more than the X100. And it means the camera is starting to get into Leica territory, which are as well known for their steep prices as their gorgeous glass.  

But if rumors about a groundbreaking sensor in this thing turn out to be true, it could overshadow the cost. With less than a week until CES, we’re anxious to hear (and see) more from Fujifilm itself.