Fujifilm whets our appetite with teaser for new DSLR-like X-series camera

fujifilm whets appetite teaser new dslr like x series camera mystery

We don’t usually comment on rumors unless there’s some validity to it, but this DSLR-like Fujifilm camera deserves mentioning because the teaser comes from Fujifilm itself. Unlike the current boxy-but-sexy X-series cameras in the lineup now, this new camera has all the distinctions of a classic SLR. 

There are no specs or details except that it’s coming January 28. Of course, there are things we can deduce based on our experience with Fujifim cameras and from what’s revealed in the photo. Fujifilm doesn’t make DSLRs but mirrorless cameras, so this is most likely the latter. A camera like this will probably utilize interchangeable lenses, which Fujifilm has several options to choose from. We are fairly sure it’ll use the new X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II, unless Fujifilm takes this opportunity to unveil the next-gen of these two components. From the photo we can tell there’s what looks like a viewfinder (an electronic version), lots of dials, and the same design scheme and surface texture we’ve seen on other Fujifilm X-series cameras. The dials appear to be exposure compensation, shutter speed, and ISO, with two buttons for video and Wi-Fi/Fn.

The camera has that retro look we’ve come to love, and we’ve been very fond of the newest X-series cameras. Like the Olympus OM-D E-M1, this mystery X model looks like what could be the next flagship Fujifilm camera (X-Pro2?). It’s certainly a camera that we’re looking forward to. Stay tuned to January 28.

(h/t Pop Photo)