Photographer releases his old Game Boy Camera photos

Does anyone remember how New York City in 2000 looked like? Some of us do, while some of us don’t. Blogger and professional photographer David Friedman can help us trigger those memories with photos he found saved in his Game Boy Camera.

Back in 1998, Nintendo released an odd accessory for the Game Boy called the Game Boy Camera. Meant to be a light-hearted entertainment device for children, it went on to win the Guinness World Record in 1999 for smallest digital camera and was even used by Neil Young to take photos for the album cover of Silver & Gold.

Friedman got his Game Boy Camera in 2000 and decided to take a walk in New York City and snap a few pictures. The result has us feeling rather nostalgic, though we hope Friedman also had the Game Boy Printer with him. Those 256 x 224 pixel pictures aren’t going to print themselves, you know.