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Getty Images to end Flickr partnership, maintains existing users’ contracts

getty images end flickr partnership maintains existing users contracts

Since 2008, Getty Images has had a partnership with Flickr that allowed Flickr users to showcase their talents and monetize their photos through licensing, in a section of Getty’s network called the Flickr Collection. But the original agreement has come to an end, and Getty will not be renewing it. However, as of now, this termination has no effect on existing Flickr contributors’ contracts with Getty.

“For the last five years we’ve been very proud to provide a global platform for the work of Flickr artists, celebrating their originality and talent with our customers around the world,” Getty wrote in an email to contributors, regarding the Flickr partnership. “Those of us who are directly involved with the Flickr collection have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by our experience working within the Flickr community. Built to represent the best in authentic, spontaneous photography selected through social sharing, Getty Image’s Flickr collection has grown to be a tremendous success.”

Despite the sentiment, Getty gave no reason for ending the partnership other than that the contract has come to an end. As of now, the Flickr Collection pages on Getty and Flickr’s websites are still up, but the partnership termination means that Getty will no longer utilize the systems built for this purpose. “We will no longer be searching and browsing through photostreams or Artist Picks looking for images and inviting them,” Getty says. “Instead, you will be using the same procedure as all our other Getty and iStock contributors and submitting full-sized, captioned and released images to us for review and selection.” Essentially, Flickr contributors will become regular Getty Images contributors.

If you’re a Flickr Collections contributor, here’s what it means for you. The Flickr Collection will be renamed Moment, and “form the basis of a new house collection,” Getty says. Moment also has a mobile app for iOS (Android coming soon) that Flickr Collection contributors can take part in, allowing them to submit photos shot on mobile devices. Per the Getty email, other changes include: 

  • Curators: Flickr curators will continue and expand their role in identifying the best social content from a wider range of sources which, alongside our Moment App, will further grow our Moment collections.

  • The Upload Portal you are already familiar with will be updated to accommodate a slightly different workflow (see below) but your log-in will remain the same.

  • Support: Communication and daily guidance will continue via our Getty Images Contributor Community website and forum. We will be sending out a welcome e-mail containing the URL and your log-in credentials. These emails will begin shortly and continue over the next few weeks until everyone is covered.

  • Creative Research: You will have access to our proprietary research briefs on an ongoing basis.
  • Range of Products: You will have access to be reviewed for submissions to our other collections where appropriate including editorial, video, and – our new platform for wall decor, print sales, and more.

Contributors probably have more questions that still have to be answered, but Getty says contributors should check the Getty Images Contributors Group on Flickr and make sure their emails are up to date, in order to receive more information.

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