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Godox RF flash gives Sony Alpha shooters wireless lighting on the cheap

godox tt350s flash for sony
You may not have heard the name Godox before, but the Chinese company produces a sizable catalog of photographic lighting equipment. Its new TT350S flash for Sony cameras brings wireless, radio frequency control to a compact, inexpensive form factor.

The TT350S is the little sibling to Godox’s TT600S (which is also available for other camera brands as the TT600). It uses the same 2.4-gigahertz signal for full compatibility with the larger flash and, likewise, works with the company’s stand-alone RF transmitter, as well. Unlike many entry-level flashes, the TT350S can function as both a master and a slave unit, with support for three groups and 16 channels. It uses just two AA batteries, which can produce up to 210 flashes at full power.

What’s more, the TT350S is fully compatible with Sony’s through-the-lens (TTL) metering for automatic exposure control and supports high-speed sync. TTL flash metering greatly simplifies the process of using off-camera flashes, especially when multiple units are involved, while high-speed sync enables the use of flash at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000 second. Experienced photographers who want more control over exposure can still switch the flash into manual mode, if preferred.

TTL-enabled RF flashes are all the rage these days, but first-party systems, and even many third-party triggers, are prohibitively expensive for the average photographer. Sony’s own RF trigger system consists of the $350 FA-WRC1M transmitter and $200 FA-WRR1 receiver — that’s $550 in addition to the cost of a flash, and each subsequent flash will require its own receiver.

The Godox TT350S, however, looks like it will arrive at a very affordable price. While not yet available for purchase, one U.K. retailer is already advertising the flash at 73 British pounds (about $90) on eBay, according to DPReview. The retailer expects the flash to ship in January, although worldwide availability is unclear at this time.

What’s also not clear is, you know, how well the flash will actually work. Godox claims a wireless range of 30m (about 98 feet), which is equal to the Sony system, but real-world performance and durability remain to be seen.

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