Google Glass wants you to feel magical by taking photos using finger frames

google glass patent touchpad batteries woman

Google’s highly anticipated relaunch of Google Glass will naturally come with weighty expectations, and at least when it comes to photography, it certainly seems as though the tech giant is going to deliver. Google recently filed and was awarded a patent for finger framing, which will literally allow you to take pictures of what you frame with your thumb and index fingers of each hand. So if you’re looking to turn your hands into cameras, all you need is the new and improved Google Glass.

The new technology will recognize when you form two ‘L’ shapes with your fingers, creating a rectangular “frame” of sorts. Glass will then snap a photo of whatever image is enveloped by your custom frame. But if gets better – if you create an “O” with your hand, you’ll end up with a circular photo, and you can also adjust the size of the image by adjusting the placement of your fingers. Really, as soon as Google Glass senses your hand, it’ll know to prepare to take a photograph.

While there is no official confirmation as of yet that it is Glass that will take advantage of this technology, the patent seems to make that pretty clear. It reads, “An HMD (head-mountable device) may analyze image data from a point-of-view camera on the HMD and detect when a wearer holds their hands in front of their face to frame a subject in the wearer’s field of view. Further, the HMD may detect when the wearer withdraws their hands from such a frame formation and responsively capture an image.”

Seriously, how many head-mountable devices could Google possibly be developing at once?

Given that Glass’ photographic features were some of its major selling points its first time around (giving doctors the opportunity to live-stream operations no less), it comes as no surprise that Google is focusing again on how to improve its imaging game. So hold on, friends. Google Glass 2.0 may just be the high-tech “camera” you’ve been waiting for.