GoPro hits the rink with NHL to deliver live high-def broadcasts from players’ POV

Hockey is going to get even more up-close and personal. The National Hockey League (NHL) and NHL Players’ Association is partnering with GoPro, which will see players use GoPro’s cameras to capture the action from their point of view. The partnership, which begins with the NHL All-Star Skills Competition and All-Star Game on January 24-25, 2015, follows GoPro’s recent announcement that will allow TV networks to wirelessly live-stream HD video from the camera.

GoPro says this is its first partnership with a major pro sports league, and its cameras will “deliver viewers never-before-seen perspectives of the game.” GoPro will utilize technology from partner Visilink, called Professional Broadcast Solution, to provide live wireless broadcasting in full HD glory using their Hero4 models.

The idea is, per GoPro’s raison d’etre, to capture those precise moments of actions that make or break them. The official statement notes that the GoPro broadcasts will “showcase the skating, stickhandling, goal scoring and netminding skills of some of the biggest names in the NHL.”

The live GoPro broadcasting will debut with the 2015 NHL All-Star Weekend on NBCSN, CBC, and TVA Sports. Cameras will be worn by players and attached to strategic points around and within the rink. In addition to the broadcasting, some content will find its way to GoPro’s YouTube channel.

GoPro is understandably excited about it, but so is the NHL. “As the preeminent leader in adaptable cameras, only GoPro has the technology to help us and our media partners showcase the beauty and intensity of hockey in new and deeper ways. Our partnership with GoPro will be a big win for both new and lifelong hockey fans,” Bob Chesterman, NHL senior vice president of Programming and Production, said.

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