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GoPro rebrands Kolor software, beta tests VR viewer upgrade

When GoPro acquired Kolor last year, it picked up an app for viewing 360 videos. Now, the latest version will lose the Kolor name and officially brand itself as GoPro software. A beta version of the GoPro VR Player 2.0 for Windows and MacOS was uploaded earlier today. The program keeps the simplicity of earlier Kolor versions, but adds HSL live view support and a plugin for use with Premeire Pro.

The GoPro VR Player desktop interface is very simple, allowing for nearly full screen views even without clicking on the actual full screen option. Clicking and dragging moves around the video, allowing the software to work on both traditional computers and touch-enabled devices. Spinning the mouse wheel will zoom in and out, while the traditional pinch method still works for touchscreens.

According to beta reviewer Mike Williams, the second version behaves exactly like you’d expect it to, making it a simple option for viewing VR videos on a desktop or laptop.

While the platform is simple, it does have a few more options. The beta version has three different viewing modes, the default that shows video almost like you were standing there, and a Fisheye and Little Planet mode that wraps the video in a more sphere-like view.

The program also offers a workaround for watching online 360 videos without a compatible browser. Safari users, for example, can paste the URL into the GoPro VR viewer to watch in 360 without switching browsers. The latest version will also be compatible with Oculus Rift.

While the beta version sticks with the simplicity of the Kolor Eyes software, the upcoming software officially takes the GoPro name and offers its VR viewing experience for free.

The company’s 360 video rig is expected out later this year, and with reports of falling stock prices, many are hoping the VR rig can help the action camera giant at least tread water.

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