GoPro ‘Dual Hero’ casing combines two Hero3+ camcorders to record 3D video

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Action camera manufacturer GoPro – which was just valued $4bn after going public – doesn’t seem to get tired of inventing new solutions for its ever-growing user base (although it makes cameras, it really prefers to be known as a media company). Just recently, the company introduced two new mounting solutions that let surfers and other outdoor action addicts get better footage of their adventures, and, shortly thereafter, cooperated with BMW to facilitate recording of your on-road antics.

Now, the latest accessory from GoPro is called the “Dual Hero,” and it is a special casing the lets you use two GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras simultaneously, side-by-side (one placed upside down). Due to the gap between the two cameras’ lenses, what this means is that you’ll be able to record actual 3D video footage with your GoPros, without needing any special equipment or a complicated DIY solution.

In the casing, your two GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras are connected to each other via a special cable and backing, so that both operate with the same settings, and start and end recording at the same time. The two individual video streams can then be edited in GoPro’s Studio editing software, which will combine them to a 3D video file.

The Dual Hero case comes with a special connector that syncs up the two cameras.
The Dual Hero case comes with a special connector that syncs up the two cameras.

The Dual Hero casing comes with two anaglyph 3D glasses so you can watch your 3D footage once it’s edited. Or, you could channel that footage out to a 3D TV. For added mouting flexibility, the Dual Hero comes with three mounting points, as well as a set of two flat and two curved adhesive mounts. A Mini USB port is integrated into the case as well, which is waterproof down to 197 feet (60 meters).

The only downside to taking 3D footage with your GoPros is that the casing alone comes in at $200, and you’ll have to spend another $800 on the two GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition cameras you need for it – which makes a total of $1,000. However, if you already own a set of GoPro camcorders and always wanted to experiment with 3D video shooting, the Dual Hero may just be the accessory you’ve been waiting for.

(Via SLR Lounge)