Trouble brewing in paradise if Steven Tyler gets his way with Hawaii photo ban


Ah, the bright sun, warm sand, clear sky, blue water, luscious landscape – all the things that make Hawaii one of the world’s most beautiful destinations for photography. But as reported by Jaunted, all this beauty might become off-limits to digital camera-wielding tourists if a new “celebrity” bill gets passed in the Hawaiian senate, thanks to Steven Tyler. Yes, that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame.

If a legislation banning celeb photos passes in Hawaii, you can blame this guy. (Image via s_bukely/

If a legislation banning celeb photos passes in Hawaii, you can blame this guy. (Image via s_bukely/Shutterstock)

Let’s back up for a minute. You can still snap photos while on vacation in our nation’s 50th state, provided that you aren’t also trying to photograph a napping Hollywood star or a celeb shopping with her family. Jaunted reports, “Over two-thirds of the state senators over in the Aloha State have already signed on to a new piece of legislation, as they look to protect the right to a little bit of privacy for vacationing celebrities.” Worse, the famous would also be granted the right to sue the hoi polloi over unwanted photographs.

How does Tyler fit into the story? This legislation being pushed stems from a request from Tyler, a part-time Maui resident. Jaunted says the senators are calling the legislation the “Steven Tyler Act.” It seems that the law would specifically target the paparazzi working in the state, a popular destination for celebs. As we all know, the paparazzi aren’t exactly the loveliest people.

Photographing celebrities while they are in their homes is one thing – they have every right to their privacy just as we do – but banning us from taking photos of a star who happens to be out in public? Something doesn’t seem right, and we bet there will be plenty of legal challenges if this legislation does become law.

(Main image via Chris Driscoll/ Shutterstock)