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HP Unveils Faster Printing Technology

Besides their announcement with Walgreens about the rollout of the nationwide drugstore chain’s new Snapfish powered online photo service, Hewlett Packard was also busy today unveiling news about their new ink-based printing platform which they say will deliver record-breaking print speeds which can scale to high-volume printing markets.

This new printing platform, based on five years of research and a $1.4 billion strategic investment, is designed specifically to deliver high performance for high-volume users. These include, according to a company press release, a photo printing device which can spit out 4 x 6-inch photos in 14 seconds and a desktop color business printer which can print up to twice the speed and 30 percent lower-cost-per page than color laser printers.

HP’s new technology centers on the architecture and manufacturing of the inkjet printhead. The printhead components are fabricated as one unit via a photolithographic process, rather than welded together in post-production. This results in the precise alignment of the chamber, nozzles and heating element, which then improves the accuracy of ink drop placement. This unique design also supports an increased density of nozzles, with 3,900 nozzles or more on a single printhead. More nozzles and increased dot placement accuracy translates into faster, high-quality prints.

Announced at the same press conference as this new printing technology were a photo printer, several all-in-one printers and an inkjet printer series which support HP’s latest standard. Also tossed into the new product launches were six portable photo printers, a “portable photo system” complete with digital camera and printer with a dock, three digital cameras and a variety of printing supplies.

“Today marks a milestone in HP’s 21-year printing history,” said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “This technology is the next step in our business transformation — the master key that unlocks new market opportunities and further growth in our printer business. Today’s announcement will create a new perspective and experience around printing in the home, in the office and for the entire industry needing digital prints.”

More details on HP’s newest printing technology and new product line up can be found here.

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