If you still use film, you probably won’t mind snail-mailing yours to Ilford’s new US lab

ilford opens us lab sheet film

Back in spring of this year, Fujifilm announced that it would discontinue making the majority of Motion Picture FilmNeopan, Provia, and Velvia products, bidding adieu to classic color positive and negative films but still pumping out endless supplies of its adorably popular Instax line. So is the company over camera films or what? We can’t vouch for what’s happening at the Fujifilm factory, but things are pretty black and white at Ilford: The company is opening its American photo lab to help film photographers and hobbyists process and print film by mail.

Established by Harman Technology Limited, the Ilford brand of film has long been a staple for professional photographers looking to get the best quality silver gelatin black and white images. Ilford also has an incredible film range from 50 to 3200 ISO in a variety of formats.

Ilford_FP4_HP5_XP2“It has become more and more difficult for black and white film users to have their films processed and printed to a high quality on real black and white paper,” Harman Director of Marketing and North American Sales Steven Brierley says in a press release. Despite the seemingly imminent decline of film photography, Brierley says the Ilford United Kingdom-based labs have seen a steady rise in interest from overseas, which prompted the decision to open a lab San Clemente, California.

Customers can send in their C-41 color negative and E-6 transparency films in both the 35mm and 120 formats film by mail and expect their products to be processed within two to three days. “Regular 4 x 6 inch prints are returned by mail, or special delivery, in a sturdy ILFORD presentation box. A range of upgrades and enlargements are also offered, including three levels of quality for scanning black and white negatives,” the company states. Be forewarned: Prices begin at $16 a roll, so it’s definitely not your local drugstore’s photo department.

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