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Imgur iOS app launches GIF-browsing feature, integrates with Facebook Messenger

imgurs new ios app lets you browse for your favorite memes easily imgur screenshots
Update on March 27, 2015: At Facebook’s F8 developer conference, Imgur introduced a new feature within the app called Imgur React. It lets users “browse GIFs organized by expressions and then share them in other mobile apps,” according to Imgur. React will its own tab inside the app, where animated GIFs are organized by “emotions and feelings.” With the integration into Facebook Messenger, Imgur users can search for the appropriate GIF and share them through Messenger by using the share button. React also supports email and text messaging, and other apps, including WeChat.

Imgur, the community-based photo-sharing depository, has re-launched its iPhone app. Users can now easily browse for their daily fix of memes and other humorous photos when away from their computers.

The app is designed to be as easy to use as Imgur’s desktop website. According to Imgur, because mobile is accounting for a large part of its traffic, it needed to address this new form of consumption. The company also thinks third-party Imgur apps are too cluttered.

Like its website, Imgur app users can up-vote, down-vote, and favorite images; sort by popularity and time; make threaded, seamless comments; and access profile and favorites. Focusing on simplicity and making photos the main thing users see, the content and comments get the most amount of screen space; navigation and other interface icons move to the background or sides.

Imgur technically launched its app a couple years ago, but the company didn’t feel the original app lived up to its expectations, and was subsequently pulled. After raising some capital, Imgur was able to pour resources into redeveloping the app experience.

Imgur says it is working on apps for other platforms, although there’s no timetable.

(This article was originally published on March 6, 2015.)

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