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How to improve your product photography for less than $10

How To Build A Photo Light Box For Less Than $10
Whether you’re selling something on eBay or taking your first step into product photography, one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have — besides a camera and a lens — is a product photography box.

Usually made of a combination of white or black material, a product photography box is essentially a blank, seamless platform that creates a clean background with even lighting for the product you’re shooting to be photographed on. You can go out and buy dedicated boxes and tables, but the truth of the matter is, you can create one yourself with minimal financial investment.

Here to help is YouTuber Savvy Seller, who shows how a cardboard box, a few pieces of poster board, some sheer fabric, and a light you probably have clamped onto something around the house can be used to create your very own photography box.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

To start out, you’ll need a cardboard box large enough to fit the items you’re wanting to photograph, a large piece of poster board, some sheer fabric to diffuse the light, and a pair of lamps and bulbs to light the scene. A box cutter, scissors, and tape will also come in handy.

Once you have the required materials, it’s a matter of putting the box together on one end and closing it with tape. From there, you measure out the walls you want to light the box through and cut them to size so that the sheer fabric will perfectly fit over top and secure with tape.

Turning your attention to the inside of the box, you’ll need to cut the poster board to size and secure it on the inside of the box with tape to act as a seamless. Be careful not to crease the poster board. From there, it’s a matter of plugging in your lights and snapping away.

It might not be the most elegant solution, but with a little tweaking, it should be more than enough to get you started off on the right foot.

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