Instagram gives its UI a face lift and introduces a new filter

instagram 2.1Ask and you shall receive. A mere 24 hours ago we were wondering when Instagram would issue another update, and here it is. The photo-sharing app has added a subtle, streamlined UI redesign as well as a couple of new filter and editing options.

Instagram’s UI has never been terribly complicated – it’s a mind-numbingly simple process. But navigation is now located in a bar across the bottom of the screen via much bigger, bolder icons. We’re really happy with the wide, screen-spanning navigation bar — it looks like it takes up more real estate but manages to keep the focus on the photos. There’s less text altogether, but it’s a much simpler looking setup. And now, when you’re within the filter and editing process, there’s a toggle for getting rid of the bar of filters so you can more easily preview your image.

Notifications got a little work done as well. Now when you’re in iOS notifications, clicking one from Instagram will take you directly to the respective information – whether it be a new follower, a comment on a photo, or a mention.

biggs with sierra filterThe newly added filter is a muted tone called Sierra, which is sort of similar to 1977 but less yellow. Instagram has also added a feature called Lux, which is an image enhancing tool to fix backlit photos or unfortunate contrast.

It might not be Android integration, but we’re still happy to see the Instagram team toiling away on the much-loved app.