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Instagram’s most popular election campaign photos dominated by one candidate

With over 400 million users, Instagram is among the most popular social networks, making it an integral part of any politician’s digital publicity campaign during this unpredictable election cycle.

By now, we have all heard of how important social media has been in swaying the representation of candidates. Most recently, Twitter’s incessant bashing of Ted Cruz allegedly played a critical role in his campaign’s decline. Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to attract controversy through his Twitter feuds, and controversial tweets.

Today, we have the important numbers when it comes to Instagram popularity. And one candidate alone is dominating the app when it comes to the most-liked images posted during this primary campaign. The outright winner is Bernie Sanders, who occupies every single spot on the top ten, according to The Washington Post. Check out the number one, most-liked image of a younger Sanders, below.

Whatever your thoughts on Senator Sanders himself, there’s no doubting the success of his well-oiled social media operation. His supporter base is insurmountable on Reddit, he has accurately tracked and targeted millennials on Snapchat, and he has often been the most talked-about candidate on Twitter during a televised debate.

Hillary Clinton’s no-show on the Instagram top ten nonetheless comes as a surprise. The Democrat frontrunner has seemingly done her utmost to spread the word in regard to her campaign on the photo-sharing app. Most notably, she has roped in some of her famous celebrity advocates, including Katy Perry and Lena Dunham, to take over her Instagram presence during crucial caucuses.

As the results show, none of that star power has been enough to stem the sheer enthusiasm of Sanders’ supporters, who have repeatedly hit the like button on his photos — not to mention the backing of one Danny DeVito, whose small frame is central to one of the admired posts on the list. Check out the remaining images, all of which are of Sanders and his fans, in the gallery above.

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