Back to business: Instagram rolls out update for iOS, Android – includes new filter

instagram rolls out update for ios android includes new filter mayfairTerms of service fiasco? What terms of service fiasco? It was business as usual for photo-sharing site Instagram on Thursday evening as it rolled out an update to its (presumably) still-popular  iOS and Android app.

First up is a new filter to go alongside the existing 18 other retro-style offerings. Called Mayfair, the new effect blows out the middle of the photo while giving a slightly warm and saturated look together with a subtle purple cast.

Version 3.4.0 also sees the reintroduction of a feature removed with the previous update – the ability to share pics from any album on your device as opposed to just those on your camera roll.

Further Facebook integration is also part of Thursday’s update, as is the introduction of support for more languages (now 25), though the company doesn’t make clear precisely which new languages have been added. The obligatory improved-performance-and-bug-fixes line is also thrown in for good measure.

The roll out of the update comes at the end of a rough week for Facebook-owned Instagram. A proposed update to its terms of service issued on Monday appeared to suggest the photo-sharing site might sell users’ photos for advertising purposes without having to ask for permission or offer any compensation.

You might think no one ever reads the terms of service, but someone did. And they told someone else about what they’d read. And word spread. And before Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom could say, “Any new filter ideas?” he had a fast-developing and potentially nasty situation on his hands which threatened to see a great many users close their accounts.

In an effort to get users back on side, Systrom announced some further adjustments to the terms of service on Thursday, at the same time promising in a blog post that “Instagram has no intention of selling your photos, and we never did. We don’t own your photos – you do.”

He’ll no doubt be hoping that over the weekend everyone will forget about this damaging week and instead get on with fiddling about with their new Mayfair filter.

UPDATE: It appears the folks at the Instagram office have been so busy deailng with the ToS fallout that they didn’t have time to properly test the iOS update. The privacy setting on your Options page for making photos public or private will keep flipping back to ‘off’ even if you slide it to ‘on’ for private. Instagram says it’s merely a display issue and explains here how to confirm your privacy settings. The company promises to release a fix soon.