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You can now view your Instagram photos inside a virtual reality museum

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As the world of virtual reality becomes more engrained in our everyday life, it’s becoming more important to create virtual reality (VR) content. Companies are coming up with dedicated camera rigs left and right, but not everyone has the desire or dough to drop the money on making his or her own VR content.

One solution to creating custom VR content is to leverage visuals that have already been captured. The latest app to achieve this is Instamuseum, an online application from Sketchfab that turns Instagram photos from any account into a virtual reality gallery that can be explored by using a VR headset. It uses Blender to create the 3D environment, which is uploaded using Sketchfab’s API.

The process is fairly simple. Insert the username of any Instagram user, choose from one of four display options, and create the gallery. Once the gallery has been rendered, users can explore the interactive art using Google Cardboard and an accompanying smartphones. It also supports the HTC Vive headset and a computer, with the Sketchfab VR app installed from the Steam Store.

Even without a VR headset, the galleries can be viewed inside a web browser, using the cursor to move about the scene. Below are a few examples of the gallery options and layouts:

Currently, the galleries are limited to Google Cardboard and the HTC Vive headset, but Sketchfab notes versions for Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets are just around the corner. The galleries might not be as interactive as other games and experiences, but it’s a fun way to tie in non-VR content into the more immersive world that is VR.

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