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Selfies hit a new low with the ‘Belfie Stick’

it had to happen belfie stick helps you take the perfect butt pic
It had to happen.

The rise of the belfie (that’s a selfie of your butt, in case you were wondering) has inspired the creators of photo-based social networking site to produce the Belfie Stick, a contraption designed to make it easier for butt-pic fans to take pics of their butt.

Yes, you’re exactly right, Kim Kardashian could do with one of these.belfie image

The Belfie Stick, which unlike regular selfie sticks features a hinge halfway along allowing for easy angle adjustment, lets you get your smartphone in exactly the right position without the need of a mirror and without having to bend or twist in a way that could conceivably result in hospitalization.

Once you and your butt are in the perfect position, you simply hit the button on the end of the stick and voila! – you should have in your possession a fantastic photo of your fundament, perfect for sharing on social media sites.

While it may well be a useful tool for capturing the perfect image of your backside, it could also prove handy for self-examination purposes should you need to check a troubling posterior-based problem. Imagine, the Belfie Stick would allow you to easily and comfortably grab a close-up shot that you could then use to make an informed decision about whether or not a visit to the doc was in order. Just don’t leave any such images in the cloud, OK?

By this point you’re probably thinking one of two things. Either:

1 – Oh dear, the selfie craze has finally hit rock bottom, or
2 – Where can I get one of these?

According to the Belfie Stick’s website, this unique tool costs a buttock-clenching $80 and can be pre-ordered here. Will you be getting one?

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