Join a group of polar bears roaming Arctic waters in this new GoPro video

join group polar bears roaming arctic waters new gopro video polarbears

It seems like we can never get enough of GoPro videos, and there’s a good reason why that’s so. The tiny action cams that can be fitted almost anyhwere have allowed for some of the most stunning video footage since the invention of the moving picture, and we’re not just referring to daredevil sports stunts.

Thanks to their size and durability, GoPro cameras and other action cams can help us document wildlife in places and from perspectives that have hitherto been impossible (or at least difficult) to capture. One of the latest videos showing unprecedented wildlife imagery, thanks to the first-person view from GoPro cameras, comes from Adam Ravetch of Arctic Bear Productions, and it follows a group of polar bears roaming the Arctic on their search for ice.

Technically, we should call it first-bear view, since much of the video comes from a GoPro attached one of the polar bears. In addition, there’s footage that was probably shot by using a drone copter, while other scenes appear to have been filmed by Ravetch himself. Still, the video is pretty amazing, especially considering how close-up we get to see the bears and how intimate the footage is.

Arctic Bear Productions has a history of capturing wildlife – polar bears in particular – that goes back to 1996, and has contributed to productions by National Geographic Television, BBC, PBS, NHK, CBC, and other. Ravetch is also the co-founder of the Arctic Exploration Fund, a non-profit organization with the mission to document wildlife in its natural habitat, by equipping them with cameras such as those from GoPro.

To learn more about Arctic Bear Productions’ work and the Arctic Exploration Fund, you can find their website here.

(Via io9)