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Keegan is an online photo coach that helps you improve your photography

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Miroslav Liska/123rf
If humans are too brutal or of no assistance when asking for photo critique, have no fear — Keegan is here to help.

Created by French startup Regaind, Keegan is a web app that utilizes Regaind’s image analysis technology to critique photographs and rate them on a scale of one to 10.

Training Keegan was done with the help of professional photographers who worked hand-in-hand with Regaind to develop a sense of style.


In addition to giving photographs a rating, Keegan breaks down why it chose its rating, explaining why the lighting or composition is great, or could use a little improvement. These phrases were done with the help of a Parisian photographer, who wrote up the sentences that Keegan uses to judge an image.

To have your photo critiqued, simply head on over to the Keegan website and drag-and-drop your image into place. After it’s been uploaded to the servers, Keegan will analyze it and give you feedback. According to Keegan’s page, his rating scale is describe as: “5/10 to a decent photo, 7/10 to a very good shot and 9/10 to an exceptional image.”

From tests with Keegan, the image recognition technology seems a bit biased toward more simplistic compositions, such as portraits and macro photos with a shallow depth of field. This suspicion is confirmed when viewing Keegan’s Hall of Fame, which shows off the highest rated photos from registered members. Of the top 15 photos, six are photos of flowers and eight are portraits of some kind.

In addition to the web app, Keegan is also able to critique images as a Facebook Messenger bot, which seems to be a trend with anything and everything as of late.

Regardless of how you use it, head on over and take it for a spin to see how you stack up against the rest.

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