Kenu’s Stance is a mini tripod for iPhones, but moonlights as a beer bottle opener

Mini tripods for the iPhone aren’t anything groundbreaking, but the best thing about the new Kenu Stance is a feature that even its manufacturer barely highlights: a bottle opener that’s built into one of the tripod legs.

The Stance is a palm-sized iPhone tripod and kickstand that takes up barely any room in your pocket. It weighs just 1.2 ounces, yet the legs are made out of a strong zinc alloy that makes the whole thing sturdy; each leg has non-slip plastic feet. Connecting to the iPhone is a pivoting ball that tilts and rotates. The only issue we can see happening in the future is that the screws for the legs might loosen up, or the ball popping out.

When not used as a tripod for photography or FaceTime calls, you can fold the legs up and use the Stance as a kickstand to prop your iPhone up. This is ideal for holding up your phone on a tray table and watching movies on a plane, for example – it’s a great travel companion.

But again, the best part may just be that bottle opener. You may think it’s superfluous, but we have been in too many situations where we actually needed a bottle opener. Whether it’s for beer or photos, the Stance is a great double-duty tool. It’s cheeky, yet brilliant.

The Stance is made for iPhones with Lightning connectors, as well as the fifth-generation iPod Touch. Despite its sturdy metal construction, the Stance cannot support iPads. At $30, the Stance is an affordable, yet fun and useful accessory.

If you haven’t heard of Kenu, the company also makes the Airframe line of portable car mounts for mobile devices, and Highline security tether for iPhones. The company was started by Joby cofounder Ken Minn.

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