Kodak introduces a handheld camcorder upgrade with the PLAYFULL Zi12

zi8 to zi12We’re pretty experienced with the Kodak Zi8 here at Digital Trends. We’ve used the handheld camcorders for video reviews and on the show floor at various conferences, and while we’ve found them convenient and easy to use, the video quality has left something to be desired–particularly in indoor settings. 

To that end, Kodak is introducing the new PLAYFULL Zi12. The next iteration of Kodak handycams addresses some of our major issues with the Zi8, and even packages it in a tinier, easier to grip body. Both cameras shoot 1080p HD video, but the PLAYFULL Zi12’s improved sensor means video is crisper and colors more natural. The PLAYFULL Zi12, however, only has 14MB of internal memory–the Zi8 has 128MB of internal storage. You can outfit both with SD cards for additional memory. 

zi12But the Zi8 includes picture in video capture, creative filters, preset scene modes, and auto-share built-in (you can share to the Kodak gallery, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, and email). The camera is pretty slick looking as well: the Zi8 was small enough for our tastes, but the PLAYFULL Zi12 is less boxy and and has a nice, grip-friendly surface. It’s also moved the still capture controls so that when you are just taking a picture you turn the camera sideways, a more natural way to hold the device.