Kodak to make and sell OLED displays

“We continue to focus our licensing efforts on bringing more resources to bear on the advancement of OLED technology,” said Bernard Masson, president, Display Group, and senior vice president, Eastman Kodak Company. “Truly’s commitment and enthusiasm make them a very strong addition to our family of licensees. Their drive to manufacture high-quality displays, especially their preparations to produce OLED displays, will advance not only their business but the OLED industry.”

“I am very excited that we are one of the very few Hong Kong-based companies amongst Kodak’s list of licensees. OLED technology is one of the mainstay display technologies now and Truly is committed to bringing to consumers the newest technology that delivers valuable benefits over conventional technologies. We believe this licensing agreement will give us strong advantages in further exploring the OLED display market,” said Stephen Lam Wai Wah, Chairman of Truly.

The agreement gives both companies new and growing sources of business. The royalty-bearing license allows Truly to use the passive-matrix OLED modules in a variety of flat-panel display applications. The agreement also enables Truly to purchase Kodak’s patented OLED materials for use in manufacturing displays. This license illustrates the versatility of Kodak’s OLED technology and its value in helping Truly develop new businesses and new markets. Truly is one of over a dozen companies to license Kodak’s technology.

Lam added, “We are very proud to announce that we have already commenced our first OLED production line in our facility in Guangdong, China. It is an important milestone in our LCD development as it is also the first OLED production facility in China. We have every confidence that this new operation will become our main growth driver and benefit our LCD business in 2004 and thereafter.”

OLED displays offer bright, full-motion image display that is viewable from a very wide angle, making them ideal for image-rich mobile communications that underpin the infoimaging market. The displays comprise specially designed organic thin-film materials that emit light when stimulated by an electric charge. Benefits over conventional technologies include higher contrast for superb readability in most lighting conditions, faster response time to support streaming video, and industry-leading viewing angle (up to 180 degrees).

For further information about Kodak’s OLED technology, please visit http://www.kodak.com/go/display