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The Kohiko, now on Kickstarter, takes a simplified approach to the camera bag

The search for the perfect camera bag never ends. As a result, it seems like new companies are sprouting up every year with a promise of making a better bag. Kiwidition out of New Zealand, however, is taking a slightly different approach with its new Kohiko sling pack, promising a simple bag to carry your camera, a few personal necessities, and not much else.

Designed for on-the-go photographers, the Kohiko is meant for those times when you want to travel light, bringing only the gear you need. It weighs just two pounds and is small enough to stow away beneath an airline seat. With just 6.5 liters of volume, it’s certainly not a very large bag, but still has room for a decent amount of gear. A DSLR with attached lens plus one to two additional lenses can fit in the main compartment, and the bag is just long enough to carry up to a 70-200mm f/2.8 telephoto. While it doesn’t have a traditional laptop sleeve, it does have a dedicated compartment for a tablet or small netbook.


With the dividers removed, the bag is apparently suitable for carrying a standard house cat, as well. So there’s that.


The Kohiko rests low against the wearer’s back and slides effortlessly to the front for easy access to the main compartment, where it doubles as an elbow rest for steady shooting. Additional pockets on the exterior of the bag and on the strap make room for memory cards and small items. Additional pouches can be attached to carry more lenses, batteries, and other accessories.


Built to handle the elements, the bag is made from ballistic nylon and is coated to be splash resistant. An additional rainproof cover is included for when things get really messy.

The Kickstarter project has raised just over $1,700 of its roughly $44,000 goal, but there are still 56 days left in the campaign at the time of this writing. Currently, backers who pledge at least $131 will receive the Kohiko sling bag at the limited early bird level. The bag is slated to begin shipping in November. Cats in the photos are not included.


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