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Shoot cinema-smooth smartphone videos with this handheld gimbal mount

Today, many smartphones have cameras that rival consumer-level camcorders when it comes to image quality, so it’s no wonder people are using them to shoot everything from kids’ plays to amateur movies. But if you’ve tried to make your own movies with your smartphone, or even a GoPro camera, then you’ve probably run into a very significant problem: While the videos you shoot may look OK on your phone or even a tablet’s small screen, they are often un-watchable on larger screens due to the dreaded “shaky cam” effect. Lucky for video producers everywhere, Kumbacam’s motorized gimbal mounts for smartphones or GoPro cameras make it virtually impossible to wind up with footage that looks like it was shot for The Blair Witch Project. 

Kumbacam’s gimbal mounts use three brushless motors, one for each axis, to counteract sudden movements, both wide and subtle, to create remarkably steady, professional-looking images. Our video below shows us shaking the living daylights out of our smartphone in one window, and the remarkably smooth results in the other.

We can assure you, the experience using one of Kumbacam’s gimbal mounts feels as cool as it looks. We even circled back to borrow the smartphone mount so that Digital Trends’ intrepid video producer, Rich Shibley, could shoot video of Acton’s Peter Treadway showing off his RocketSkates as he zoomed through the crowd.

You can find Kumbacam and all its products, including the full-on Phantom Drone 2 kit seen in our video, right here.

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