Large LCD Panel Prices Continue To fall

“The Austin-based market research firm said in its latest Monthly Large-Area LCD Pricing Report blended large-area thin-film-transistor LCD prices fell 3% from $295 to $285 in July and are expected to fall another 3% in August to $275. Prices are expected to fall 2% per month through the end of the year.

According to DisplaySearch, weakness in the LCD monitor market is fueling larger than anticipated price reductions in notebook PCs and LCD TVs as panel suppliers look to stimulate demand. The market shifted at the beginning of June when leading LCD monitor brands reduced panel orders, claiming reduced demand, rising inventory levels and excessively high panel prices. The weakness in demand resulted from seasonal declines, rising street prices in a price-sensitive market and the emergence of desktop PCs bundled with CRTs selling for under $500. “

In the U.S. there have been little indication that LCD TV and monitor prices will fall anytime soon despite reading several reports that state otherwise. Now if we can only get that 30″ Apple Cinema display to fall in price, we would all be happy!

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