Leica teases with new Mini M mystery camera, expect a June 11 unveil and a high price


Update: Leica has updated its Facebook page and website with a new teaser photo (shown above).

Update 2: PetaPixel has more on the rumored camera.

Hello, what’s this, a new Leica? While there aren’t any specs to speak of, we do know that Leica will unveil a new product on June 11 called the Mini M. The venerable maker of high-end cameras revealed on its Facebook page and website that the Mini M will be slotted between the M and X2 models.

leica-mini-m-mystery-2While it could be anything, we can safely assume the Mini M will be some type of camera, but what? Pop Photo speculates: “Will it be a fixed-lens, full-frame camera like the Sony RX1? Maybe it’s an interchangeable-lens system with an APS-C sensor similar to that found in the X2? Maybe they’ll take a shot at something like the Fujifilm X100s. Tough to tell.”

But one thing that we are 99-percent sure of is that it will be expensive, considering the M sells for around $7,000 and the X2 for $2,000.  In the meantime, we can let our imagination run free. Stay tuned.