Lexar’s new 256GB MicroSD card can hold up to 9 hours of 4K video

lexar 256gb microsd card 1000x micro sd

On Monday, Lexar unveiled a 256GB MicroSD card in its Professional 1000x line. While the same capacity was previously offered in the company’s slower High-Performance 633x line, this new card is built to handle the higher-bandwidth demands of 4K video recording from drones and action cameras. It boasts a maximum transfer rate of 150MB per second and maximum write speed of 90MBps.

While not as fast as Lexar’s top of the line Professional 1800x cards — which achieve transfer speeds up to 275MBps — the 256GB 1000x card is still built on the UHS-II bus interface and meets U3 speed class requirements. This means it offers sustained write performance of at least 30MBps, making it suitable for a wide variety of high-end video applications. Specifically, the card bears the “Works with GoPro” label, having undergone the rigorous testing process to ensure it will operate flawlessly in cameras like the GoPro Hero5.

“GoPro customers generate a lot of content and crave a seamless recording and playback experience,” said GoPro’s Adam Silver, senior director of accessories and developer solutions, in a statement. “Lexar’s new high-capacity card, the 256GB Professional 1000x MicroSDXC, has been verified by the Works with GoPro program by demonstrating great performance and we are glad to welcome it into the program.”

GoPro users, among others, can look forward to recording up to nine hours of 4K video with the new card, or up to 36 hours of Full HD. Nine hours is many times longer than the battery in an action camera or drone will last, but it means users will have to change cards less frequently — many may never have to change the card at all. This is good news for users working in the fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled environments where action cameras are often found, as not having to remove a MicroSD card in the field is the best way to ensure it doesn’t get lost. For use in a tablet or phone, Lexar also claims the card offers enough space for more than 58,000 songs.

Combining high capacity and fast performance doesn’t come cheap: The 256GB card will come with a suggested retail price of $350, well above any other Lexar MicroSD card. This may be why the company isn’t producing its fastest 1800x series cards at the same capacity, as costs may simply be prohibitive at this time.

Users will be happy to know that Lexar tacks on an additional value in the form of a miniature USB 3.0 card reader included in the box, which will take advantage of the card’s 150MBps transfer speed. Additionally, customers are granted lifetime access to Image Rescue software to recover files after accidental deletion or formatting. The card also carries a limited lifetime warranty and should be available later in the first quarter of 2017.