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Adobe Lightroom tool will help you remove dust specks quickly

How to Remove Sensor Dust in Adobe Lightroom
If you have ever used a camera that has removable lenses then chances are you have encountered dust spots on your images from time to time. It is just the way things are. Dust will get onto your camera sensor and cause spots. You can clean your sensor, but this does not help you if you have already taken some images that have visible dust spots.

Luckily for you, the technique for finding and removing these spots through Adobe Lightroom is simple and easy to do yourself. Jordan, from SleekLens, was kind enough to upload a quick tutorial over on YouTube that walks you through this process.

You remove dust the same way that you would a pimple or a scratch on someone’s skin — with the spot removal tool. This works great when the spots are apparent right away, but sometimes they aren’t so apparent initially. Thankfully Jordan goes into detail on how to make sure you don’t miss any of the dust spots through use of the Visualize Spots feature.

This simple toggle switch changes the look of your image to a black-and-white style that makes all of the hard lines and textures easily apparent. This makes it much easier for you to identify where all of the spots on your image are and to then use the spot removal tool to get rid of them easily and effectively.

So save yourself some heartache next time you get some prints done and do a quick check in Lightroom for spots and dust before taking it to the print shop (or posting digitals for that matter). As you can see in the video, this is incredibly simple and easy, so there is no excuse to not take a moment and get your images looking good.

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